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Q: How do I use Playinator to Increase Views?

A: Watch the following Tutorial to Learn:



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I used the Playinator but I haven't received any views yet.

Why is views increasing helpful? What can it do for my channel?

My videos froze at 300 views - What should I do?

Is Playinator safe to use? Will my videos and channel be safe?

Does Playinator work? What if it stops working?

How can I contact you or get more Information?

How can I buy the Playinator?

Is your software compatible with a Mac?

Do you offer custom packages for resellers?



Q: I used the Playinator but I haven't received any views yet.

A: Please keep in mind that YouTube is slow in updating its stats, so the first effects of using Playinator can usually be seen somewhere in between 24-48 hours after it's been used for the first time.

Also, keep in mind these basic guidelines's in order to get the most out of our software:

- Videos that have been previously frozen (you'll notice this "effect" if your videos stay around 300 views for a long time), must either be removed and re-uploaded in order to get the views counting again, or you have to use the Playinator for a few days in order to "unfreeze" your videos.

Note that in order to "escape" freezing your videos again, don't use software that is based on proxies (or other kinds of bots) anymore, as YouTube can detect these applications and freeze the views counter on your videos.

- For the best experience, don't have any large downloads/uploads (or software that use a lot of connections, such as P2P) while using our application.

- Finally, make sure your video is set to "public" and not private viewing.



Q: Why is views increasing helpful? What can it do for my channel?

A: Playinator (since version 4.0 and continuing with the V6 edition), instead of using proxy servers and simulations of real user behavior, now uses a wide network of users and computers - these "users" are send to your videos everyday, meaning YouTube actually sees increased activity in your video clips, and thus with every new view, it increases the number of views your video has.

Make enough views, and you'll be heading for the #1 spot on the YouTube search pages in no time!

So what happens next when you reach the first page?

Well, depending on your selection of tags, your videos may be subject to a lot of REAL everyday visits from hundreds of new visitors, and if you have your web site links included (be it in the description box or if they are embed in the video) that means a lot of FREE TARGETED traffic to your web site, everyday!

Another great possibility is that since your videos will be on the first places on YouTube (meaning they will be seen by a lot of new people everyday), this means that using Playinator is a great opportunity to promote your band, music, products, ideas, events or anything else.

Also, you can check our secondary Product (called "The YouTube Income Generation eBook) which is especially targeted at learning how to make money with YouTube, and gain channel popularity.



Q: My Videos froze at 300 views - What should I do?

A: In most cases, this is because you've used other views increasers (that are based on proxy servers, including Playinator 3.2). To unfreeze these videos, you will need to use Playinator 4 on them for a few days, so they can unfreeze and start gaining views again.

Also, if you've just started using Playinator 4, then it is normal for your videos to stop counting views for about 24 hours once they reach the 300 views mark. This is because of a slight delay in the YouTube Insight system (this is the system which updates all the statistical information on the video in YouTube), and it happens to ALL submitted videos, even those that are not having their views increased with a software.

After those 24 hours pass, your videos will get instantly unfrozen, and will start gaining views easier and without any future freezing/delays.

So, to sum up, Playinator works on all videos without freezing them (it also "unfreezes" frozen videos), and remember to be patient and wait at least 2 or 3 days for the first stable results from our software.



Q: How can I buy the Playinator?

A: To purchase our application, we've done our best to make it as simple and secure as possible - Just go to the purchase page, choose your package (at the bottom of that page), and click the appropriate "Buy Now" button.

The whole process won't take more than a few minutes, so after you've done your purchase, in a few hours (usually in less than 8-12 hours) after the transaction you'll receive an email in your inbox from us with your personal download link and registration information.


Q: Is Playinator safe to use? Will my videos and channel be safe?

A: The security of our software and our client's videos and channels is a priority for our team.

We guarantee that Playinator has no adware, spyware or other malware components.

Also, all of your videos will be 100% safe from getting banned/deleted, since from version 4.0 of Playinator, we've started using real traffic that fully views your videos.

Proxy servers and other "tricks" are no longer used. From now on, you will be able to check your YouTube account (in the "YouTube Insights" section) and see the traffic from Playinator being reported as valid visitors (mostly from North America and Europe) - this doesn't happen when using bots and proxy servers.

Here's an example screenshot of what you'll see in your video analytics page:


Q: Does Playinator work? What if it stops working?

A: Playinator has a 100% Guarantee that it will work (otherwise you can get your money back with the 30-day money back guarantee).

Also, we've been featured and reviewed on, TechRepublic, BestSoftware4Download and many more websites...). This goes to show that our software has been verified as being clean and working by many of the top download repositories on the Internet,


You can check our Testimonials / Reviews section and learn what our clients have to say about our application and the YouTube money making tutorials (found in our eBook).

We've also uploaded a demo video, which has literally no content, but yet has more than 15,000 views on it. Click on this link to check out the video. Finally, our team is always ready to do any necessary changes and upgrades to the application if it stops working, so you can be sure that Playinator will work despite any change/modification.


Q: How can I contact you or get more information?

A: For any other questions, bugs, problems or ideas, you can contact us here.


Q: Is your software compatible with a Mac?

A: At the moment, our software is only compatible with Windows-based computers (including Windows 7, 8 & 10). We are working on a web-based version that is going to be released in the following months.


Alternatively, you can use virtualization software on your Mac to run any Windows software. Some of the most used applications for this are:





Apple Boot Camp


Q: Do you offer custom packages for resellers?

A: This kind of an offer is available and often used by larger affiliates - more information and pricing can be found by going to this section of our website.