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Instead of artificially increasing your YouTube video views (which is how all other YouTube views increasing software work), Playinator helps you organically grow your brand.


Since we're not just boosting your YouTube views, but actually spreading your videos worldwide, our method is virtually bulletproof.


Your YouTube views will keep growing in 2018, 2019 and any year beyond.


No more buying 1,000 or 5,000 views.


Why set artificial limits on your success? Get our software, and use it for any amount necessary.


Here's an overview of how our YouTube views boosting platform works:

Automatic Views Increaser

Playinator is the only working views increaser on the market - as of 2017.


We use an advanced views boosting system, that keeps your videos circulating online - that's why you don't buy 5,000 or 10,000 views from us, you just tell us which videos need promoting, and we'll add views & promote your videos for the entirety of your subscription period.


We are the only working YouTube views increaser.

Content Locked Videos

As all content creators know, the value in your marketing/YouTube channel lies in the uniqueness and scarcity of the content  you produce.


Playinator uses this advantage to help you "lock" certain parts of your content (like an unpublished behind-the-scenes video, or an unreleased PDF/eBook), and then gives users the chance to consume your content in exchange for watching one of your videos.


It's basically a cost-effective, next-gen and bulletproof YouTube views exchange network.

Integrated advertisement revenue

By using our content locking and publishing system, you'll not only be spreading your videos organically across the internet - you'll also have the chance to include ads inside the unlocker, so you'll be doubling the amount of revenue you get per video watched.


Easiest money that you're currently leaving on the table.

Watch 2 Unlock

Incentives are at the heart of human interaction. This is why most efforts to freely distribute your content, while sometimes successful are not consistently so. How many blogs are out there giving free advice, yet earning their owners $0 per month?


Giving users an incentive to do something changes the game completely. The situation becomes a win-win, and the amount of views & popularity your channel gets will show for it.

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Behind the scenes of our YOUTUBE VIEWS INCREASER

how does it get you more Youtube views?

Playinator is an easy, efficient and fully automated software to increase YouTube views - that will increase the views in all of your videos, and will NOT freeze them at the 300 views mark!


By using our software, your videos are going to be promoted from this:


YouTube Views Results 1


To a completely new level of popularity and traffic:


YouTube Views Results 2


Playinator YouTube Views Increaser Screenshot


YouTube Views Increaser


Here are some of the beginning effects of using Playinator to increase YouTube views:


Playinator YouTube Views Graph


Playinator YouTube Views Results


(This is the Insight statistics from our own video. It was recently uploaded and already has over 5,000 views by using our YouTube views software).


By using our software, your videos will:


- No more be at the bottom of YouTube, with hardly any views on them.


- And no more will videos from other channels get ranked above yours (and from experience I know that this happens even in cases where you have better, higher quality video content).


Remember, video ranking and optimization is very important, since where your videos are ranked on the YouTube search pages will determine how many organic viewers they get.


From experience and observation I know that at least 70% of the videos on YouTube (and on other video sharing websites), don't really make it to even the first page! Let alone the first few spots on that first page!


So that's why I've focused on developing an application which gives the necessary initial boost on your videos - after which they will be ready to attract real viewers (because they will achieve a better YouTube position, meaning better page ranking).


And how does this application work?


It's very simple!


Playinator (since version 4.0 and now with the current V7 edition), instead of using proxy servers and "simulations" of real user behavior (which will freeze your videos at 300 views) or a views exchange network, now uses content locking to both share your videos across the Internet (since locked content can be shared not only on YouTube, but on other websites as well), and to increase your monthly ad revenue.


With Playinator, you are guaranteed to get more Youtube views every day!


The system is 100% bulletproof and it is indistinguishable from any other authentic YouTube views. This also means that all of your videos will be safe from getting banned/deleted and since version 4.x of Playinator, your videos will not be breaking the YouTube TOS anymore.


Proxy servers and other "tricks" are no longer used. So, from now on, you will be able to check your YouTube account (in the "YouTube Insights" section) and see the traffic from Playinator being reported as valid visitors - this doesn't happen when using bots and proxy servers.


Anyway, add enough views to your videos, and you'll be heading for the #1 spot on the first page for your video category in no time!


So, what happens when you reach the first spot?


Well, depending on your selection of keywords, your content may be subject to a lot of visits from hundreds of real visitors, and if you have your web site links included (be it in the description or if it's embed in the video) that means a lot of FREE TARGETED traffic to your web site, everyday!


People Are Making a Lot of Money This Way


The benefits of the long term usage of our software can be well seen. I also advise using social bookmarking web sites (like Reddit) and smart keyword placement, as a method for getting even more views while you're using the software.


- Mike



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